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We process all your favorite fruits, vegetables, and more!

"From fresh to frozen, canned to pickled, we have the expertise to deliver the perfect ingredient for your needs."


Who We Are

Company KSENOS was founded on February 6, 1993 by Mr. Vasko Damevski with the priority of purchasing, processing and selling forest fruits for export to foreign markets.
95% of its production has been adapted for export to foreign markets, namely: European Union: Spain, Hungary, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece, as well as overseas Australia.

Today, the company employs 30 permanent employees, and up to 100-150 seasonal workers are used during the season.

The capacity of freezing agricultural products is 2.500 tons per year, the capacity of processing sour cherries into alcohol is 750 000 kg, and the processing of forest mushrooms and forest fruits depends on the season, in good seasons about 200 000 - 300 000 kg of mushrooms are processed.

The goal of the company's further operations is to increase production, open and expand existing processing facilities and conquer new markets.

Who We Are

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Our products

From forest mushrooms to berries and stone fruits, the company offers a bounty of fresh, frozen, and preserved delights.

Our story

Established in 1993, our passion for forest fruits has blossomed into a thriving business sharing these delicious finds with the world!

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